Group Art Show 2018

Artwork :

Celebration of Uniqueness

30" x 40"

Mixed Media

ArtCircle Studio's Annual Group Art Show is on Sunday, Jun 10, 1pm to 5pm. This event will showcase sketches, drawings, oil and acrylic paintings by artists at ArtCircle Studio. Each work of art is beautiful, with a wide array of subjects and techniques.

The image on the invitation card for the show is an interesting collaborative project " Celebration of Uniqueness" by 15 + Artists (age 21 and above) at ArtCircle Studio.

The idea of the project was for artists to add one element into the painting and relay it to the next artist to add another element. They could stay with the element and add similar elements , or change the image, or add other allied or different elements creating this interesting evolving artwork. It celebrates uniqueness and exquisite spark of creativity in each one of us.

The painting has a textured background in acrylic and elements have been rendered in oil with brushes and palette knifes. Celebration of Uniqueness, will be on display along with many Acrylic and Oil paintings, Sketches in Pencil created by ArtCircle Studio's talented artists during the last year.

Please visit the studio on June 10 to enjoy this enriching spread of creativity. This is a free event.