Young Artists Art Show 2019

The Young Artists Art Show is an annual event at ArtCircle Studio to celebrate the works of Young artists from ages 6 to 19.

Through the year young artists work for days, sometimes weeks to capture ideas, add layers of details, learn techniques, master their brushwork and color schemes, creating many many works of art. The show lets you see the young artists' progress during the year. It gives them a firsthand experience of art presentation and art appreciation.

The studio is now abuzz with excitement around setting up the annual show to present artwork in a non- competitive gallery style display. The young artists enjoy the limelight and attention they get from fellow artists, family and friends while introducing them to the other skills needed to be an artist. It opens them to the idea of perception of art. This experience enables them to go back to create with even more clarity, motivates them to hone their skills further and boosts their confidence.

The image for the invitation card for this year is of this years collaborative project. The art work are interesting sun catchers that are made from acrylic paints and medium and appear glass like! A painting is created as a thin film, then lifted away as an integral part of a new surface. It's similar to mono-printing. It was kind of magical to see the art get lifted from paper to the metal ring in a translucent finish. These rings have been assembled to create artistic mobiles and wall hangings to inspire young artists to take their art to where ever their imagination takes them!

The project is set up for display along with this years paintings by young artists. Please visit the studio for this years show, details of which are:

Young Artists Art Show 2019

At: ArtCircle Studio

Date: 7th April 2019

Time: 1 PM to 5 PM

Event fee: Free